Sam Lamott teaches his mom, and us, about love and grace

This is a lovely blessing placed on an apparent train wreck. I hope my children will do this for me some day. As parents, this is the best outcome we can hope for.

Ten Thousand Places

Anne and Sam Lamott when he was little Anne Lamott with a young Sam

Sam Lamott is my new hero. His mother, Anne, whom I adore and whose books I read for the same reasons I call a good friend — to relax, to laugh, and to feel understood and at home — made a really awful comment about Caitlyn Jenner on twitter yesterday. I won’t repeat it here, but it was snarky and mean and insensitive. This was really surprising to me, and saddening.  But then her son, Sam (of Operating Instructions fame) replied to her with such love and grace, it left me stunned:

“The pee pee tweet is not truth, love, or funny. I’ll explain it all. Let’s start by deleting it.”

“You can be part of the noise, but when the noise quiets down…you’ll wish were part of the change, it lasts longer.”

And then just as gently and articulately he asked for grace…

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